All Types VW show 2015 shines in North Wales

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Kombi Classics’ Intrepid Welsh reporter spends a day at Bodelwyddan Castle and the All Types of VW Show 2015…and he didnt get shouted at!



I tend to take pictures of plenty of different things, but not cars. Not anymore anyway. Not since I was shouted at during an RAC Rally years ago for going into the wrong area of a special stage… I lived.

But I’m tempted by taking a few pics at Bodelwyddan Castle’s All Types VW Show. It’s a just a stone’s throw down the A55, the main road that spans North Wales. Many a camper van will have used the route to access the surf havens of Abersoch, Hell’s Mouth and various Anglesey beaches over the years.

I roll up and realise that this is a decent event. Entry free for kids and plenty to entertain them is a winner in my book and we start to trawl through the masses of VWs to find the Kombis. There’s the very ancient to the very modern of all types of VW on the field. There might be a slight amount of chrome on show… What you begin to realise is that they are all individual in their own way. Each has a degree of care that you might only find lavished on the first born of a royal family.

The Kombis are all individual, just like their owners. You see them a mile off with their split screens. They are like a beacon, no matter what condition they are in, they gain the most attention around the site. Complete restorations over years by individuals to families out for the weekend in their battered campers. From Manchester, Stoke, North and South, they’ve come to Bodelwyddan to gather, to share tales and to generally have a good time. There’s plenty on site to encourage it for day visitors and those who have camped over.

As we leave, we see a Kombi just rolling out on a wedding shoot. I think that just about sums up the marriages that the owners have with their vehicles. By this time, I just smile and begin to understand what it’s all about… and no one shouted at me this time.”



all-types-vw-30 all-types-vw-29 all-types-vw-22

all-types-vw-23 all-types-vw-24


all-types-vw-09 all-types-vw-10 all-types-vw-11


all-types-vw-04 all-types-vw-05




all-types-vw-32 all-types-vw-25




Thanks Martin, Catch up soon.