Skyla’s the limit

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Corey Seably’s love for Kombis didn’t get off to the best of starts. After buying a 1977 Bay with his first car loan for $5000, he crashed on the Old Gold Coast Highway, rolling 5 or 6 times but surprisingly ending back upright! Luckily his passengers came away with only minor injuries and one friend slept through the whole accident – let’s just say they had a big night. The highway was closed for half a day causing a big headache for commuters, but not as much to Corey leaving him to pay off the car loan with no kombi at the end of it as he had no insurance!

A wife, four children and a mortgage a few years later, Corey rekindle his love for Kombis and purchased Skyla, a 1978 Bay for $3000. Only online for 30 minutes before Corey spotted her, he drove over took one look at her and bought her on the spot. Not registered or roadworthy but in fairly good shape with a few rusts spots, she ran pretty well, nothing a good service wouldn’t sort out, he felt she had great potential.



The hard work started two year ago. Corey stripped her back cut out all the rust and welded where it was needed. A friend who was a panel beater and spray painter worked on Skyla in his spare time over a period of eight months and did an amazing job. Running on a dual battery system and the stereo on constant power, Corey wanted the security of starting Skyla without the worry of the batteries being flat. A pioneer head unit has been fitted which is blue tooth and run through Corey’s phone With a two pioneer 6×9 in the first bench seat and two pioneer 4inch round speakers in the front doors. An Hertz arctic sub sits in the boots- She belts out some cracking tunes!




Skyla’s colour scheme is a retro feel with a modern twist, teal-blue on the top and pearl-cream on the bottom. Which immediately makes her standout as majority of Kombi colour schemes are lighter on top and colour skirt.



With another great friend helping out with the wiring, he has managed to install aluminium side steps and twin exhaust. With white wall tyres, blue LED light under the sliding doors that light up when opened and USB ports inside give Skyla that up to date feel. Micheal Holman from Performance Upholstery worked his magic on the inside, complementing the work on the outside giving Skyla that unique look. Corey couldn’t have been happier with the finished look as he had bascially given Michael a free rein with the design work. Before the restoration, Corey purchased a 1977 Kombi for $1000 for spare parts. This ended up being invaluable, not only for the spare parts but also helped Corey understand how things went back together.

Skyla lights up the nights sky.

Skyla lights up the nights sky.


Skyla is pimped.


Flaming hot trim

Slick inside

Slick inside

Hiding in the bushes

Hiding in the bushes


Many hands make light work

The naming of Skyla comes from Corey’s love of Breaking Bad and Japanese Pokeman, both series has a character named Skyla in it, and the Pokeman colours are very similar. Only hitting the road in the last month, Corey has been amazed about the amount of attraction Skyla has occurred, a real conversation starter, plenty of photos, beeps and waves.

Skylas first day to the beach

Skylas first day to the beach

Thanks Corey