Bamboom Wipeout!

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The Bamboomwagens story…

Jayson’s Bamboomwagens story starts in California in 2003 with a call from a friend living in Nicaragua.  He’d just bought a 23 window 1960 bus that he’d found for US$1000, and invited Jayson to fly down and help drive it back to the states.

They drove across eight countries on the original 1100cc engine, and it broke down every single day for 14 days.

That was the first VW Jason ever drove and he fell in love with it on that trip. Incidentally, once they crossed into the states people were rolling their windows down next to us on the freeway yelling “how much?” and they sold the bus right there on the freeway before even getting home and without even having to stop. “We shouldn’t have sold it, but we didn’t know that at the time!” jason remembers.

A while later, Jayson found himself in living Guatemala with his now 73 Kombi. While there he took up working with bamboo as a hobby. He started studying with the local bamboo artisans and making his own furniture, and doing up the inside of his bus with bamboo door panels, floor and headliner.



In 2010, he moved back to the States and won a spot on the TV show Wipeout! which he then won! abcwipeout And it was with the winnings that he founded BamBoomWagens, combining his two passions, bamboo and VWs.

He’s been in business for almost 5 years now and business is booming!

“I understand that only a small percentage of VW owners want what I do” Jason said. But we’re certainly big fans here at KC.

He ships Bamboo Door Panels, Headliners, and Mats all around the states and world, for all 1979 and down VW models.

There are even a few Aussies tootling around with his stuff in their buses…If you’re one of them we’d love to hear from you and feature some more photos.

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For more information on Bamboomwagens and their fantastic bamboo products contact