390kW Volkswagen T1 Race Taxi revealed

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Swiss tuner Fred Bernhard has revealed his 390kW Volkswagen T1 Race Taxi at the 2015 GTI Meeting at Worthersee in Germany.

T1 Race Taxi


THE WORLD has gone ga-ga over the Kombi and this 390kW/757Nm Volkswagen T1 Race Taxi by Fred Bernhard has just been revealed at the 2015 GTI Meeting at Worthersee in Germany.

It uses an air-cooled engine from a Porsche 993 with two turbocharges bolted onto it. It’s mated to a six-speed manual gearbox from a Porsche 996 GT3 while the steering and brakes are from the same donor car as the engine.

According to the builder, Fred Bernhard, the six-year long project was personal…


“For me it was a professional challenge.
I wanted to find out the limit of what is possible”.


As aerodynamic form isn’t the Kombi’s strongest asset, Bernhard turned to carbon-fibre instead to speed up his concept by reducing its overall weight to just over 1.5 tonnes, with a top speed listed at 230km/h.

The Racing Taxi sits on 18-inch BBS alloy wheels, and the Kombi’s steering and brakes have also been borrowed from a 993.

The interior seats four within individual Recaro bucket seats, with four-point belts for the driver and one passenger. Around 42 metres of tubing is used to reinforce the T1 Race Taxi’s body and to work as a rollover cage.

T1 Race Taxi